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Meet Katy, the vibrant and cheerful seamstress behind Dazzling and Dapper! A wife and mother to one, Katy works full time as an office manager, while balancing her life as a mom and maker gracefully. 

Katy started her business in January 2013 under a different name, Knit Picky Mama. She began it uncertain of where it would take her but positively sure that pursuing a creative business was what she wanted to do with her life.  She started with knitted items and learned quickly that wasn't her passion. She began to learn how to make bows and headbands for girls.

While Katy started learning the ropes of running a business, she fell in love with buying handmade and she noticed that finding handmade accessories, toys, and clothing was nearly impossible for her son.  She decided to change that and began to make affordable fashion accessories for dapper dudes, and added ties and bow ties to her shop, and her love of making darling duds for little dudes was born.  While she still makes many items for the girls, her passion is truly making stylish & affordable boy’s accessories. 

As her style and focus of her creative business evolved, the time came when it was time to give up the name Knit Picky Mama and rebrand. She consulted with her creative community and after much time in the think tank, Katy emerged with a new brand and mission for her business Dazzling and Dapper, darling duds for little dudes and dudettes!

Her most recent love is her new embroidery machine, which has brought the addition to embroidered shirts to her product line. She has an eye for unique fabric and color choices, making her fashion for littles truly unique and fun!

Katy says as a maker, she is always trying to find balance in her busy life, with a full time job, family and indie business while being involved with numerous creative communities. She works full time outside the home, then works on filling orders at night after her son goes to bed. I truly admire Katy's ability to balance it all! 

Katy, making the world a little more dapper, one darling dude or dudette at a time! 

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