3 tips for beautifully clear photos

This post is brought to you from Melanie of Violet's Buds. Melanie has Bachelors of Science in Photography and provides product photography advice and services to entrepreneurs.

The easiest way to improve your product photos is to keep your camera steady. This reduces blurriness, making for beautifully sharp, clear images. You can reduce camera shake & improve your product photography with these super simple steps.

Stand Firmly. Being balanced reduces camera shake. Plant your feet shoulder width apart to create a stable base. If you are shooting down low, get level with your subject by kneeling or sitting on the ground rather than crouching. Kneeling supports more of your body, which makes your hands are more steady. 

Breathe Deep.  Get in position, then a few deep breaths to  steady your hands. Right before you push the shutter, take another slow deep breath and hold it. This relaxes your whole body, reducing body sway and shaky hands. 

breathe word art by Colleen Attara Studio
Use a Tripod. If all else fails, use a tripod or the equivalent of a tripod! By making your camera stationary, it totally reduces the risk of slight movements, meaning your photos are clear, sharp and in focus. You can stack books on a table for added height, place the camera on chairs, tables or shelves or any piece of flat furniture in place of a tripod, though stools work best as they have less bulk & don't block much light, plus you can usually find them at thrift stores for less than $5! 

Even when your camera is on the tripod or in another stationary placement, either use the timer or  breath deeply when you are about to press the shutter, moving in a slow & gentle motion so as to not jostle the camera. 

Remember, product photography takes a lot of practice, but anyone can capture beautiful photos! Just keep practicing and experimenting with your photo set up & you will improve with practice! 

Do you use these simple photography tricks? Has it improved your photography? We would love to hear your experiences in the comments! 

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