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Have you ever been stumped about what to post on social media? Can't think of enough original content to update daily without sounding spammy or repetitive? Sounds like you need to participate in #creativedaily!

#creativedaily is the only photo challenge geared directly towards creatives, artists, makers and small business owners - anyone who needs a spark of creativity daily is welcome to join in and make new friends through this fun photo collective. This is especially great for crafters to put their latest designs & products in front of consumers and show their process and peeks into their lives in a very organic way.

The goal of #creativedaily is to inspire people to document their life and indie biz journey through daily photos & snippets of text, encouraging them to fill each day will a little bit of creativity while fostering creative community & new friendships through social media. If you miss a day or few, it's not big deal - this photo challenge is just for fun! 

Here is how it works:

Each day, you upload a photo to social media that relates to the dated prompt (for example, the 1st is "love" so you would post your interpretation of that prompt on the first) and share a blurb about what the photo represents. 

Will you be participating in July's #creativedaily? Which prompt are you most excited about? 

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