Craftivity - The Goal Setting & Accountability App for Creatives

Planners are fab and all, but I tend to fill them out for a few weeks into the new year then lose them. Or just lose interest in them. I have tried using my calendar and reminders on my phone, but since they don't send push notifications til the day arrives, the alarm dings and I'm like, oh, I totally forgot all about that. Whoops. I lose practically every scrap of paper I write myself a reminder on. Anyone else have a similar problem?

Well, with the powerful new Craftivity app, no more losing reminders, letting an important goal or deadline slide to the back burner or feeling overwhelmed by a two-page to-do list. I heard about Craftivity briefly from #omhg and then recently saw this post by Pulp Sushi on it and thought I'd do a little digging and share what I learned with you guys!

Craftivity works like a planner, where you can set time chunks aside for blogging, meetings, creation time and input important deadlines, you can set goals, like reaching 3,000 Facebook fans or generating $5,000 worth of sales this, and track it your progress towards meeting them. And when an important goal isn't being accomplished, Craftivity will send you an email reminder, a gentle nudge, to keep you accountable & keep you working hard to meet your goals! It helps you strategize your time & increase productivity.

But more than that, Craftivity is also a community, with a built in support system of fellow creatives to connect with!

This all sounds pretty amazing, right? A virtual planner that keeps you accountable, easy ways to set goals and visually track your progress towards them, and a community of creative entrepreneurs ready to help you succeed? Then be sure to sign up to be one of the first to know when Craftivity launches to the publicIf you join the Craftivity wait list, you get the app free for life. After it launches, it will costs $5 a month or $50 a year. Not a terrible price to pay for getting your creative businesses schedule and productivity under wraps, eh? 

How do you currently keep track of goals? Do you think an app like Craftivity would help you stay focused on goals better than your current system? 


  1. I am a very visual in your face kinda gal. I use the Franklin Covey system for my day to day go to planner. I have a large wall calendar that has my direct sales business info on it and I just put together a Etsy/Blog planning binder last night. I don't think that an app would help me since it would be something else to get distracted with.

  2. I use a variety of systems to keep track of goals, including email reminders, spreadsheets, and sticky notes. Having everything in one application would allow me to be more efficient.

  3. another new app/to do list. I tried Evernote when everyone said that I just NEEDED it, didn't like it as much as my old time to-do list. But I did sign up for this because you just never know if something will work until you try it. Thanks for the link.