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Say hello to Nicole of Ni-Chern (pronounced Nee-churn. It's her Chinese name, how cool is that?). Someone had told her once that she shouldn’t pursue a hobby as a career , and she decided not to listen to them and launched her accessories business. Learn more about Nicole's story below!

Though Nicole was once told she shouldn't try to do something she loves as a career, but when she started sewing in 1995 in a sewing class in school, she was in love with sewing garments! After finishing that sewing class, she continued to make skirts & dresses. In high school, she was the creative genius and sewed the main characters’ costumes for the high school musical. 

 Nicole was in school for architecture and interior design at this time when she decided to launch Ni-Chern Designs in 2005. She started selling at craft shows for a year before launching her business online in 2006.  Since she was paying for college loans, she thought selling her creations and starting a business from a hobby would be a great way to help quench her thirst for a creative outlet and pay a bit on her loans too. Little did she know that she had found her true calling - to be an accessories designer! 

Nicole took a break for almost two years to embrace motherhood to two young boys during a trying time as she worked to climb her way up the corporate ladder in her architecture job.  Her love of sewing was rekindled in 2012 and it took over again. This fire just wouldn’t go away!  

As the economy is starting to affect the architecture world, she held on as long as she could but lost her job in August 2013. As shocked as she was at the time, Nicole says she truly felt blessed.  Life took a big change as her family of four was now living with only a single income, but she is grateful to now be home with my boys and able to homeschool them. Even though Ni-Chern Designs is still not her full-time job, Nicole enjoys being able to sew without feeling like she has to put her passion on hold for the corporate world.

Nicole is passionate about giving back to the community and selected the Kansas City Kids TLC charity to donate a portion of her sales to. This organization helps children in the metro area with a variety of programs that help children heal and grow on all levels through innovative treatment methods such as expressive therapies including art, play and music therapy. 

Nicole says there is has not yet been a day where she has considered going back to the corporate world.  She had found true joy being able to delve into her creative processes and share her passion with her sons. There are always setbacks in life, but there is nothing to regret when you follow your heart.

The lesson that Nicole wants to share is there is nothing wrong or dangerous about having your passion as your career. You will enjoy life a lot more, and never wonder “what if?” when you follow your dreams. Don’t let the what if’s get in your way. Do what you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

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  1. Nicole that picture of you is adorable!!!

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  3. Great story! Thank you for sharing Nicole!