3 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do

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It seems everyone wants to be an entrepreneur and work for themselves. Whether you're running an online shop or opening a local restaurant, there are a couple of things that I've noticed successful entrepreneurs doing. These top three things stand out because they are what I've struggled with. You will notice as you try and build your brand that you will have to change some bad habits in order to have great results. A change in mindset is essential for success. The key is putting our pride aside and mapping out a better plan for our business goals. From Steve Jobs to Martha Stewart, here are 3 things that they probably did to help gain success:

1. More work than play. Sorry, Candy Crush, there is a brand to build and goals to reach! We can't expect to be successful as an entrepreneur if we are checking Facebook and Instagram every 30 seconds. And actually, if we were busy enough, we wouldn't have time to do that! So if you find yourself spending more than 15-30 minutes a day surfing your feeds during work time, stop and ask yourself what else you could be doing. You probably need more work.

2. Have business goals and write them down. They have a plan and even if they have no clue how to fulfill it, hey, at least they have one! Writing down your goals puts your mind on the right track to being successful. You really don't have to have an extremely complicated spreadsheet, it could just be a cute little journal that you write down ideas and notes. It may not even be a list or a graph...just your dreams written out for your eyes. This will be a great resource when you are feeling overwhelmed or confused about your business. Revisit that journal and be refreshed!

3. Think positive and optimistic. They surround themselves with uplifting quotes, happy friends and good tunes. They don't waste thoughts on doubt or fear. Yes, they experience those things but it doesn't consume them. Having a positive environment with an optimistic view is essential to being successful, not just in business, but in life! I fully believe there is a negative spirit behind every negative attitude. It is meant to destroy instead of build. So, it should have no business being around you...or your business.

I want to hear from you!

Is there anything that you've noticed successful entrepreneurs doing that has helped you? What's one thing that you feel is holding you back from your goals?


  1. I find making lists and keeping a calendar are important for me to stay on track and be successful. Just seeing things written down and being able to check them off is encouraging!

  2. Great post and so true! I feel that confidence is what I am lacking, and that seems to be what successful people have. "Comparison is the theft of Joy" <<<< Something I have struggled with for a long time, having confidence in myself and my work. I am actively working on being the best I can be and not constantly comparing my work to someone else.

  3. I agree with Jessica I feel like confidence is key, it seems like self consciousness is like blood in the water... Other people just seem to be attracted to people who seem confident.

  4. So true on the not checking social media all the time. I just installed a plugin on my browser actually called Stay Focus to get better on this, it's all too easy to take a minute to check for some "instant gratification" of likes/comments/etc. while doing computer work, but those minutes sure add up. I love your idea of a journal too. My goals are generally typed up but I think seeing them physically could really add some encouragement in needed times. Thanks for the tips!