Meet the Makers - Sandi & Belinda from Sparrow & B

Meet the makers if Sparrow & B, two friends, Sandi & Belinda, who connected over a love of craft and handmade. Who then decided to join forces to form a creative business built around their love of dress up & imagination. 
We both love dressing up, making our own (and our kids) costumes & we saw a need in the market for good quality, fun and unique dress up accessories that would capture the hearts and imaginations of children everywhere & encourage imaginative play. And so, Sparrow & B was born. The name was born from a combination of Sandi's prior business name (Sparrow) and my nickname (B).

Our product line is mostly based around nature and animals with a little bit of magic and whimsy mixed in.  We started with tutus and costume accessories, but our vision evolved & we began to create costumes that resonate with the whimsical, sweet wonder of childhood - foxes & mermaids, pirates & vikings, kings &  - and dragons too, oh my! 

We just love creating new costumes! The creative process seems to happen naturally and abundantly in our studio. We are able to honor our inner creative visions, and as they take form before our eyes, we feel a little of that 'childlike wonder' which we feel is really special.

There have been a few hurdles and hoops to move through as our business has grown, mostly around creating a sound business structure. I think all creatives are great at creating their art, but creating a strong business does not always come so easily. Our biggest (& current) issue is working out how we can grow the business to keep up with demand, as each part of the process is very person and everything is done ourselves, and we are keen to keep that 'handmade' feel about our products.

We are committed to creating a successful future for the business, but we are also committed to 'keeping it real' with any success we achieve. We support a couple of organisations through our profits - particularly children's charity OrphFund who build orphanages and schools in some of the poorest communities in the world (we donate 10% of all our market stall profits) and also The Australian Marine Conservation Society (every Shark Costume we sell we donate $5 to their 'save the shark' program) . We also like to participate where we can in local fundraising giveaways.

We are pretty happy to be in the handmade business; getting to create to our hearts desires, nurturing little imaginations and putting smiles on faces is a pretty special thing, we think.... Don't you?

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