How to Filter Your Own Views Out of Google Analytics Reports

Today's guest post is brought to you from Toni of Little House Of Crafting.

Most shop owners visit their own store frequently when working on the design, checking listings & just to bask in it's beauty sometimes. However, visiting your own store will create inaccurate traffic data on Google Analytics, which is a great tool for data analysis in your shop. Toni from Little House of Crafting has whipped up this great tutorial for removing your own clicks from your data for accurate reporting.

You can find filters in the Admin panel of Google Analytics.

Click on the red +New Filters button.

Now you just give your filter a name - I chose "Exclude IP" - and select the filter type Custom. Then select the filter Field (IP Address) & filter pattern (your IP address). You can find your IP address using this tool here.

Make sure to put a backslash (\) in front of the periods. If your IP address is put 112\.41\.251\.122 in the Filter Pattern box.

Hit Save and you're done!

If you use different computers make sure to make a filter for those IP addresses as well so that your Google Analytics reporting is accurate!

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  1. Wow! Thank you so much for this post. I am very NEW to Google Analytics and am thankful for any tips on how to use the program to it's fullest. ☺

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