Creative Prompts to Help Spice Up Your Instagram Content!

You know how sometimes you struggle with what to post on Instagram or social media in general? These prompts help you look at your indie business in a creative way! 

For instance, on the first the prompt is "Super"! You could your super bowl watch party, a super new product you've made, a super sweet photo you snapped, a super colorful art installment you visited, a super rad new tee shirt you got -  It's totally up to you how you interpret the prompts to create visually interesting new takes of your life and creative processes through photos & bits of text, while fostering a creative community & striking up new friendships with other participating in the challenge. 

If you miss a day or few, it's not big deal - this photo challenge is just for fun! Just be sure to add the #creativedaily hashtag to each post. This helps others in the maker community find you - and when you click the hashtag you will find new makers to discover & get to acquainted with, too! The image is sized for Instagram so feel free to download & share! 

You can also use the #creativedaily prompts as blog prompts, too! Several makers over the last year would blog their photos each day along with a post about their interpretation of the prompt. Use these prompts however you like - they are intended to inspire creativity, daily! 

In the comments, leave your Instagram username or URL so I can pop over to your account & check out what you are posting! I am @lu_and_ed on there! Let's connect! 

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