Spice up your marketing campaign with this fun photo challenge for makers!

Creative Daily, the first photo challenge made just for makers, was created to make it easier to generate original content for Instagram & other social media platforms while staying true to our roots as makers & creatives, because let's face it - coming up with awesome visual content for Instagram isn't always easy. How many coffee mug shots & selfies can we post before our followers click "unfollow", anyway? Let's remind people why they followed us awesome makers in the first place - by using these unique prompts to look at our lives, business, processes & products in a new way. 

These prompts are carefully thought out to inspire makers, creatives & anyone else who wants to join in to share their lives, behind the scenes peeks & products in a more organic, unfiltered way. Prompts range from a simple color prompt, where you could post an object, outfit, product, food, or material to share with your audience to more interesting prompts like the prompt for the 17th - lucky. Lucky to run your own business, lucky to have a certain someone in your life, your favorite lucky tee shirt perhaps? Whatever these prompts mean to you, this challenge enables you to share them with your audience in a fun, organic way!

How to join in: Just post a photo with your interpretation of the dated prompt & add the #creativedaily hashtag so other makers participating in the challenge can connect with you! And if you want to, tell your friends & share the graphic to get more people participating - the more people joining in the more new creatives are discovering & networking with one another, and hey, I'm all about growing a cooperative crafty community!! 

This image is sized for Instagram so feel free to download it & share via IG, Facebook, your blog, wherever you want! 

Oh, and you don't have to post every day - this challenge is just for fun. Join in when you can! I look forward to seeing what everyone posts! You can find me on Instagram at @lu_and_ed.

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